Medjool Dates Sale! Come and get 'em!

*Please note: I am NOT an affiliate for, just a very happy customer. :)

I got my beautiful box of Medjool dates in the mail a few weeks ago. They are so good in taste and quality and would be a frequent year round purchase, but I prefer to order them when there is free shipping and/or some kind of sale. While I did get a small discount on my box, just announced an even BIGGER sale!

I had to share it with y'all!

Not only is there FREE SHIPPING but there's also at least 20% OFF EVERYTHING!! 
The sun kissed Medjool dates are 40% off!

The sale is only for August, so be sure to order your yummy dates soon! (Sign up for their emails too to receive alerts on their sales.)

When I buy dates from the local grocer, I often can only find dates that are dry. Sometimes I'll buy a package that looks great on the outside, only to find out later that half of them are bad (bugs, mold, etc.). From what I understand, those issues occur in storage and not from an infested tree. If that's the case, then does it right!

What I have really appreciated about is that I've only gotten fresh, quality dates. I very rarely get a bad one... maybe 1 or 2 in a 10 pound box. I typically buy the 10 pound box of Large Organic Medjool Dates. I definitely get my money's worth!

Dates don't simply taste like nature's caramel candies, but they're good for you too!
  • The plethora of vitamins and minerals promote strong and healthy bones
  • The high fiber and potassium content make it ideal for healthy digestion
  • The iron makes the date a great supplement for those with anemia
  • Read more health benefits here!

I recently shared this article on my Facebook page on the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy (shorter labor?! I'll eat dates for that – no problem!)

Now that I'm in my third trimester and have my box of Medjool dates, I'll be trying to eat about 6 a day.

Not sure how to incorporate them into your diet? Sure, you can just remove the pit and pop it in your mouth OR you can try one of my date recipes! I plan on posting a new date recipe soon that will totally fix a chocolate craving. :)

– Hummingbird



  1. I love dates!! Are they from last years harvest or this year?

    1. From the email I got about the sale, it looks like they're from this past harvest. They freeze them to keep them nice and fresh. They said the sale is for making room for the new harvest which will be coming in soon! :)

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