We're Here and Half Way There! Bonus: Our Road Trip Food List!

Woohoo! We're here! We made it to our new home and survived the drive across America! We actually had a great time and tried to make the long drive fun. I'm also over half way through my pregnancy! Praise the Lord! It's been blissful and I can't wait to update you... be sure to subscribe!

We listened to audiobooks. 

So thankful our library has an e-lending service where you can rent e-books and e-audiobooks through an app. One of our favorites was Unbroken. I highly recommend this book! Definitely listen to the very end. The end is the best part! :)

We stopped for a weekend 

at one of our favorite places on earth: where we first met. <3

We visited family. 

We had a touring day. 

This was such a fun day! We drove through the breathtaking Badlands and had a picnic, visited historic Mount Rushmore, then drove through the Blackhills, Custer State Park (buffalo and prairie dogs!!), and along Needles Highway (AMAZING!).

Mount Rushmore!

Picnic at the big Badlands

Buffalo spotted in Custer State Park

The cutest little groundhogs and baby groundhogs at Custer! <3

Beautiful creeks were everywhere and so picturesque

Needles Highway

The Needles Eye

God's creation is overwhelmingly breathtaking!

A gorgeous double rainbow along our journey!

We ate good food.

Although we made some space in our food budget to eat at restaurants along our road trip, we didn't end up eating out even once. We were surprised too!

We planned ahead and brought a lot of food, but mostly we stopped at Super Walmarts and local grocery stores to restock our food supply.

One of our favorites: hummus wraps!

If you're like me then you need munchies to help you stay focused while driving long distances.

Here's some of the things we enjoyed along our road trip:

  • Nectarines (in season and so delicious!)
  • Bananas (not such a good idea because it was hard to keep them from bruising and ripening too fast)
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Bags of pre-washed lettuce
  • Salad dressing (when I can't make my own, the best tasting store bought dressings I found are Annie's lite honey mustard and Annie's lite Italian)
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Hummus (I'd look for the lowest fat/sodium I could find)
  • GF brown rice tortillas (for me) and flour tortillas (for hubby)
  • GF yeast free vegan bread (for me) and multigrain bread (for hubby)
  • Almond butter and Organic low sugar jelly
  • Cereal (I like millet puffs and organic corn flakes, but hubby likes Cheerios) :)
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Instant potatoes (ingredients = just potatoes)
  • Ketchup and mustard
  • No salt added salsa
  • Organic vegan baked beans (if it's in a can, don't forget a can opener!)
  • My most-used spices
  • Rice crackers
  • Air popped popcorn (no oil or salt)
  • All natural xylitol gum (my compromise to help me stay awake while driving)
  • 3 liter/ 1 gallon jugs of spring water (it's so easy to forget to drink enough on road trips. I find it easiest to buy large jugs to help me keep track and make sure I drink enough throughout the day).

One night in the middle of our journey, we were able to find an amazing deal on a hotel that had a mini kitchen. We cooked up some GF brown rice pasta and made some homemade marinara to go with our huge Italian salad. It was a delicious meal and relaxing evening in the midst of a hectic week!

We brought a cooler and had ice packs. Since most hotels today have mini fridges, we were able to refreeze our ice packs most nights.

Some of our meals: 
  • Fruit meal! (super helpful for long travel days which often lead to fossilized digestion)
  • Almond butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Salads with dressing and mix-ins like rice crackers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.
  • Veggie wraps with hummus, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato
  • Mashed potato wraps with lettuce and spices with a side of baked beans
  • Cereal with fruit
  • Pasta and marinara
  • Hummus sandwiches with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and a pinch of mustard with a side of rice crackers

I hope this helps you in planning healthy vegan food for road trips! This list can also be modified for camping trips, airplane rides, or everyday packable lunches.

Comment below to share your tips on healthy vegan traveling! And don't forget to Like and Share to spread the vegan message!

– Hummingbird


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