Mango Delight

Ever wish that after taking a bite of a bowlful of greens your husband would say, "Whoa! Now that's a salad dressing that makes me actually want to eat salad!"

Well, this is exactly what my husband (who's not a fan of salad) told me after trying a bite of a salad I made for myself. So what did I do? I whipped up some more so we could enjoy it together! :) What I love is that this salad dressing is so easy to make. I mean seriously... it's just 2 ingredients blended together.

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Printable Recipe

  • 2 c. mango* (about 2 ripe mangos), cubed
  • juice from 1/2-1 lime
  • 2 heads of organic romaine or your favorite lettuce, rinsed and chopped
  1. Place mango in blender and add juice from half the lime then blend till desired consistency.
  2. If desired, add more lime and blend to incorporate it.**
  3. Serve dressing already mixed in with the salad or on the side. Enjoy!
*Mangos not in season? Just grab a bag of frozen organic mango and thaw in a bowl of warm water. If the water gets cold before the mango is thawed then simply drain and refill with warm water. Drain water before use in a recipe.
**After I got married, I realized that not everyone enjoys the taste of lime as much as I do. That's why it's good to get in the habit of "taste testing" (with a clean spoon, of course) after adding half the amount of lime you think you'll want to add. Some some limes are a little more potent than others, and a little taste test will help you gauge the right amount so that you get the essence of lime without the sour faces. :)

– Hummingbird


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