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The Most Important Thing In My Life

Have you ever wondered what is the most important thing about a person? Does that person get to decide what is most important about themselves? Or is the most important thing the same for all people?  Is it the church that decides, or does God decide what is most important?

Growing up, I loved artsy craftsy things. If it included paint, glue, color, or clay you could count me in! One year for my birthday I got a child's pottery wheel. I would spend hours trying to mold the perfect cup or dish. I'd dream of a design fit for an exquisite art magazine, only to find that my toil brought forth a small lump of clay with a dip in the middle. But did that stop me from being so proud of it that I couldn't wait for it to dry so I could paint it and display it? No way! But I had bigger plans for my creation than just display art. I wanted to put stuff in it.... a penny, a marble, a piece of string... whatever my little hands could find. And if somehow my "dish" broke, I wouldn't throw it away because I knew how much hard work went into it. Instead, I would fix it and try to use it for it's purpose again by putting the marble back in it.

Where I was...

In a similar way I think of my own life. When God created me in my mother's womb, He had a purpose: for me to glorify Him with my life (1 Corinthians 10:31). It took me a while to understand what it means to "glorify" someone, but it means to accurately represent them. How do I do that for a perfect God? I need to love and obey Him (Matthew 22:37). But even as a care-free baby I couldn't do that. Yes, of course I didn't have much cognitive development, but I have to admit that my parents weren't the ones who taught me to be selfish as a baby or to lie, cheat, steal, or be unthankful as I grew older. I figured that out myself. I failed my purpose from my beginning... What's even greater is I sinned against the Almighty God who is the Creator of everything (Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3:23).

What I did...

When I understood that I had disobeyed an eternal God and was therefore worthy of eternal separation from God in hell (Romans 6:23; Luke 12:5; Luke 16:23), I realized there was nothing I could do to save myself. Anything "good" I did was actually counted against me (Isaiah 64:6-7). I was helpless and hopeless in and of myself. Just like a broken piece of pottery not fulfilling its purpose, I too was broken not fulfilling my God-given purpose. I would try to give my life purpose by doing what I thought was right or helping people, but even in those things I felt ultimately empty. But God... 2 of the best words I've read in the Bible. "But God demonstrates his own love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8). I had heard about Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my sin and thought it was good news (James 2:19), but didn't realize that God requires the kind of belief that actually changes the way I live ( James 2:14-26)... heart belief, not just head belief (Romans 10:9). This new understanding demanded action. I could either accept it and submit to God's rules, or I could reject it and face the consequences of my decision. If I decided to believe that God and the Bible are just a bunch of fairy tales and lies, it wouldn't change the truth (Romans 3:3-4). So, that was it... I decided to submit to the God of the universe, admit that I was a sinner, ask Him to forgive me, and ask Him to save me from the punishment for my sin (Romans 10:9). And He did! (1 John 1:9)

Where I am...

Better than I could have ever mended my broken pottery dish as a child, my loving God washed my heart of sin and made it new (2 Corinthians 5:17). The decision I made years ago has changed not just my lifestyle, but my life. I am certainly not perfect and I fail every day, but now I live a life of daily repentance and a life dependent on God's grace. I truly want to know all there is to know about the great God who saved my soul. I no longer read my Bible (or pray or go to church) to check it off my list of "Good Christian To-Do's," but I do it because I desire to know what God says, to obey Him, and to glorify (accurately represent) Him with my life. I am finally able to accomplish my life's purpose (Revelation 4:11)! How fulfilling! ^_^

What is most important?

The most important thing about a person is their soul (Matthew 8:36-37).

If you think you're unworthy of God's forgiveness for one reason or another, I recommend you read the books of John and Romans in the Bible. It will help you understand the nature of God's love and how Jesus was the Perfect Sacrifice for all mankind.

Also, some of my friends made a really good video explaining what it means to know God.


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