Forks Over Knives
This is an excellent documentary on the effects of a low fat vegan diet on health and disease. It takes  research from reputable doctors and scientists such as Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Essestyn, Dr. McDougall, and Dr. Barnard and ties it all together into an entertaining and thought-provoking whole. This is usually the first resource I tell people to see when I'm asked about my diet. I wish this movie was around when I was younger, it probably would have saved me from a lot of health problems. But at least now I know it can not just prevent a plethora of health issues, but it can also reverse them too! Now that's golden!

Food Matters
While I certainly don't agree with everything in this movie concerning nutrition, I really like how it gives a synopsis of how the food  and pharmaceutical industries are linked and how their system works. This documentary was recommended to me by my cashier (who was a raw vegan) at Whole Foods a few years back. I should've thanked him when I had the chance because in a way it's saved my health. Before this movie, I thought vegans were weird and didn't know anything about nutrition. This movie got me interested in researching it all out for myself to see if what it said was true... I found out I was wrong. I recommend this movie; it's great motivation to find out things for yourself instead of just listening to the propaganda.

Food Inc.
Years ago I watched this with my parents... The cover is right, "You'll never look at dinner the same way again." This is not a pro-vegan movie, but it does reveal what goes on behind the scenes of factory farms and GMO labs.

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